19+ Years of Exclusive Focus on technologies

Technology our strong suit & long-standing passion, mounts to 19+ years of technological contribution to the global tech industry

As industry experts, we prioritize keeping in pace with the ever-growing global technological change & requirements by developing innovative up to date digital products for our client businesses

100+ People
One common goal

A diverse workforce encompassing global exposure & skills

Our team’s diverse technological skill competence is creating successful digital solutions best suitable to elevate businesses, while bringing fantastic client ideas to fruition to appropriate target audiences. In addition, simultaneously our team delivers our top most valued service - trustworthiness.

275+ success stories

Technologically impacting 275+ businesses

Be it Edtech, retail technology or consumer tech, across multiple verticals, small, medium or large we pour our tech - expertise into building the finest digital solutions to add the right-tech leverage to businesses that influence the global technological stance.

10+ Countries covered in Implementation Projects

Serving globally & marching on

Our digital innovations have spanned across 10 plus countries & currently counting, via our partners & direct clients. The past decade has accelerated our momentum in our global reach.

Scalable Dedicated Teams

Our scalable dedicated teams are modeled to service the ever changing needs & demands of your business therefore adjusting the volume & expertise of required expert software personnel when required. Our expert software specialists have comprehensive knowledge on various business models & sectors thus applying in-depth potential into our projects.

The team can be easily scaled up for future expansions and is run by a dedicated project manager who has a sound understanding of the client’s business needs. This flexibility & agility is a great resource for focused work for single or multiple simultaneous projects.

Sectors We Serve

Softcodeit’s drive & competency in software solutions has extended it’s creative digital solutions to various business sectors such digitizing in healthcare, education, finance, retail, manufacturing and real estate. Our constant thirst for innovation and a digital-mission always has us exploring for newer challenges in other industries as well to exhibit our capacity.


Project implementation around the world

We find satisfaction in extending our tech - expertise into various global regions for maximum global tech landscape reach. Our enthusiasm lies at offering our highest tech-competency at a global level to our partners and direct clients.

All Services We Provide

We house a broad - spectrum of proficient & creative digital solutions suitable for all businesses from various industries that are looking for the digitally successful, simple but cutting edge high - tech leverage.


Designing exceptional & favorable UI (user interface) for excellent UX (customer experience) is our specialty, we create an enhanced user - centered product experience.


Your unique enterprise needs of web & mobile applications can be met through our expert strategic software development team via customized solutions.

IoT Application

Our proven track record of delivering innovative IoT solutions is ideal to revolutionize how your business operates with real-time insights of automated processes for a cost effective efficiency.

Mobile App

Our competent team specializes in developing leading - edge mobile applications for a broad range of industries be it cross platform, iOS or Android.

Mobile Games, AR/VR Apps

We are committed to developing immersive & interactive mobile games and a wide range of AR/VR applications through leading technologies.

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive processes are designed to ensure your product meets the highest quality of functionality and industry standard setting your business apart.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligently simulating human intelligence and automating processes through the power of data


We employ an efficient set of practices for software development while combining it with IT operations shortening the sequences of development.

Experts in

Experts in